Upsala Glacier + Estancia Cristina + 4×4 Upsala Balcony + Museum.

This tour combines the navigation to the Upsala glacier area with a picnic day in Estancia Cristina, located on the right bank of the glacier. The tour departs, after picking you up at your hotel in El Calafate at 7:00 Am, from port De la Cruz, which is located in Punta Bandera. You sail in the north arm of Lake Argentino to the Upsala channel and reach the western front of the Upsala glacier where you can appreciate it from the boat. Enjoy browsing icebergs and stunning landscapes. Then, you will head by boat towards the Cristina channel and then to the estancia.

When you get to the estancia, you will have a guided tour to the Costumbrista Museum (former shearing shed) and experience a 4×4 adventure journey, admiring panoramic views from the Upsala Balcony in a 9.5 km travel with a gradient of 550 meters above sea level.

Then, you will get to the shelter of Hielos Continentales and undertake a 30 minutes walk on ground of glacial erosion. There, you will have a privilege view of the Eastern Front of the Upsala Glacier, Lake William, Southern Ice and Cordillera de los Andes.

Finally, you will go back to the estancia and to the boat towards port De La Cross at 19:00 Pm and then on to El Calafate. In case the maximum number of passengers is exceeded, visitors will be divided in turns by the tour coordinator of the estancia.