ESTANCIA CRISTINA Cañadón de los fósiles

Upsala Glacier + 4×4 + Trekking in the Canyon of the Fossils + Estancia Cristina.

The tour begins when you embark and depart from the port of Punta Bandera at 08.30 hours in a modern and comfortable boat. You will sail between icebergs and a stunning scenery overlooking the western front of the Upsala Glacier and, from there, through the Cristina Channel to the point of desembarking at the estancia.

The arrival at Estancia Cristina is at 11:30 and you will remain there for a period of 6 hours while it lasts all the activity. Just after the desembark, you will get on 4×4 vehicles and travel 9.5 km through mountainous roads. You will pass through a landscape that until recently was covered by glaciers and it has great geological interest, while you can enjoy from the Mirador Upsala of a privileged view of the eastern front of the Upsala Glacier, Lake Guillermo, Southern Ice, Hills Murallón and Don Bosco and the Andes.

From here begins the trek to enter the Canyon of the Fossils, an area where a high concentration of fossils still remains of the last marine ingression and have been exposed by glacial action. The trek takes place for 4 hours at a steady pace to reach back into the estancia.

Those who choose this activity will have lunch during the trekk, and will return to the estancia to, then, board the boat at 17.30. Arrival at Puerto Bandera at 19.00 hours.

This trek, due to the physically demanding conditions and difficult terrain, is only suitable for people in good physical condition considering that you walk on uneven ground, and can not be done by children under 12 years old. If the coordinator of Estancia Cristina tour determines that passengers who have chosen this activity are not physically suitable for the trekk or lack the proper attire for trekking, will not be able to develop it, not accepting claims or refunds.