The trip begins in the Puerto Bajo las Sombras, located about 6 km before the glacier balconies, where you embark for a 20 minutes navigation across the Brazo Rico, enjoying breathtaking views of the glacier’s front walls and the Canal de los Témpanos.

You disembark on the opposite shore, where specialized mountain guides welcome you and lead you to a small shelter. After checking the last details, groups of 20 follow their guides along the lake’s shore towards the edge of the glacier. Once on the ice the guides put each participant a pair of crampons on, and explain how to use them. The two hours circuit that follows introduces you to the fascinating landscape of the glaciers: streams, small lagoons, gullies, crevasses and plenty of ice formations of the most incredible blues. The trekking is moderate. The ice surface over which you walk is irregular, but firm and safe. You will receive explanations about flora, fauna and general glaciology of the region and also about the particular phenomenon that happens in the Perito Moreno Glacier and eventually produces its rupture.

After the walk, a stroll through the forest brings you back to the shelter.-

Land transportation (transfer) from El Calafate is available if required, and it includes a one hour visit to the glacier Balconies (before or after the minitrekking), so that you won’t miss the panoramic views of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Important information:

Footwear: Sports sneakers or trekking boots, with warm woollen or cotton socks. Wearing rubber boots, ski boots and high heel shoes is not permitted

Outfit: Comfortable sporting wear, long trousers, warm sweater or pile, water or windproof jacket, sun glasses, sun block lotion, gloves.

Lunch: Passengers must bring their lunch boxes.

Smoking is not allowed during the excursion.

Age: Between 10 and 65 years old.

Warning: this excursion, due to the degree of effort and difficulty that presents, is not advisable for the following people: greater of 60 years and minors of 10 years old, pregnant women, people with overweight or some type of disability.