Three daily outings, the tour departs from the different hotels from El Calafate and takes 35km over the mountain line located behind the town. The track takes us to marvelous landscapes with an incredible variety of vegetation in high altitudes. Reaching 1050 m over the sea level, our first stop is a natural viewpoint where we will enjoy the most stunning sights of El Calafate and the central part of the Lake Argentino. We will also enjoy sights of the magnificent Andes mountain range at the back and at certain times, the area of accumulation of the glaciers, towards Boca Del Diablo, (the narrowest part of the lake, on the road to the Upsala arm). Even more, If we have a clear and sunny day we will be able to see Mt Fitz Roy and Mt Torre in El Chalten and maybe the condor, master of our sky, let us see its flight. An unforgettable sight.

Afterwards, we continue our way up to the Laberinto de las Piedras, point only reachable by Mil Outdoor. This is a formation of the Cretaceous period, 85 million years ago, once a river, nowadays, fossils are found to take us back and make us witnesses of the history. A snack will be served at the Huyliche restaurant and from there we will start our descent by the north slope of the mount to the Piedra de los Sombreros Mejicanos (Mexican Hats), exotic iron formations only found in four places around the world. After this trip to remote eras of the history of the planet, we return to el Calafate with the omnipresent view of the Lago Argentino.