This day trip starts at 7am from the Hostel. You will arrive at the port at around 9.45, where you will embark to cross the Brazo Rico in about 20 minutes navigation time.
The first hike takes one hour, until reaching the viewpoint from which you will get onto the ice. Once on the Glacier and after checking the gear (fitting harnesses and crampons), the world shows a new perspective: blue water lagoons, deep cracks on the ice, huge glacier sinks, magical ice caves, and the unique feeling of being the first ones there, right in the middle of the most amazing glacier in the world. You will be exploring the glacier for 4 hours, always accompanied by the expert guides.

Also, you will have 30 minutes to enjoy a picnic lunch on the white ice and to be amazed with so much beauty around you.

Once back in La Morena, you will walk another hour to come back and get on the ship that will cross you back onto land, while getting very close to the south side of the glacier. Either before or after the trekking, you will have one hour to visit the balconies and to take amazing panoramic photos of the glacier.

We are so glad to offer one of the most spectacular Ice-hikes in the world!


  • Outfit: Warm clothes, raincoat jacket, waterproof trousers, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun screen, gloves, hat, backpack (40lts).
  • Lunch: Passengers must bring their lunch boxes.


  • Age: This walk is aimed at fit people between18 and 50 years.
  • Restrictions: Due to the degree of effort and difficulty that this excursion presents, is NOT allowed for; pregnant women, people with overweight, some type of disability, or health problems.
  • All these services are provided daily. The complete tour with transportation from El Calafate takes around 12 hours. The total trekking time is7 hours.
  • The price does NOT include the entrance fee to National Park Los Glaciares or lunch.
  • Land transportation from El Calafate to the National Park (80 km) is available if required. It includes half an hour visit to the glacier balconies.